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She puts the "fiend" in friend.

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Jan. 7th, 2010 | 09:47 am
mood: amusedamused

A 9:37 AM
You need a single friend with benefits

Erin 9:37 AM
I'd rather nail my breasts to concrete.

A 9:37 AM
LOL nice visual

Erin 9:37 AM
I like to be concise.

A 9:38 AM
and graphic

Erin 9:38 AM
It helps.

A 9:39 AM
I like to cheer myself up by singing to woodland creatures

Erin 9:39 AM
You're a fucking liar. You know you cheer yourself up with martinis and red vines licorice.

A 9:39 AM
and kinky sex

Erin 9:40 AM
I suppose you could tie the candy together to make handcuffs

A 9:40 AM
sometimes, I bite off the ends of the red vines and suck the martini through it like a straw.

Erin 9:41 AM
You're awesome. Not only do you make me look moral by comparison, you're a kinky freak that touches gay men's testicles and drinks as much as I do.

A 9:41 AM
LMAO I'm pretty special, I have to admit that

Erin 9:42 AM
Besides. Girls like me need at least one friend that's an unscrupulous defense attorney.

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